Funeral worker fired after posing for pictures with Maradona’s body in coffin


A funeral worker has been sacked after posing for pictures with Diego Maradona’s body in a coffin, as well as allowing two others to do the same.

It comes as his body was laid to rest in Argentina after thousands of fans lined the streets of Buenos Aires.

Maradona tragically lost his life at the age of 60 on Wednesday after he suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in Tigre.

Last month, he underwent an operation to remove a blood clot on his brain.

The footballing icon was said to be recovering well before tragedy struck this week.

But there has been outrage after three men were pictured with his body laid in a coffin.

Funeral workers pose for grinning pictures with Diego Maradona’s body inside coffin

Funeral parlour worker Diego Molina was snapped holding his thumb up while he also allowed two others to take a picture with the Argentine legend.

Globovision reporter Jensser Morales reported that the man has now been fired from his job.

Diego Picon, the manager of the Sepelios Pinier funeral parlour, has insisted that the three men were outsourced employees.

The pictures were taken prior to the body’s transportation to Argentina’s presidential palace Case Rosada.

“My father is 75 years old and he is crying, I am crying, my brother too, we are destroyed,” Picon told TN.

The pictures have been widely circulated on social media

“He [Molina] is not an employee here.

“He is a third party who only helped us load the coffin because it weighs a lot.

“The family chose a cedar [wood] box that is very difficult to transport and that is why we summoned him, just to carry the box.

Diego Maradona dies age 60

“The three outsourced employees that we called and appear in the images, we took away their mobile phones in the morgue.

“We gave them back when all the work had been finished and at that moment, which was when the police called me to organise the transfer, that’s when they did it.”

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