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The shocking publication of Maradona’s daughter on Instagram minutes before the death of her father | The State

Gianinna would have said that people close to her father did nothing for him.

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It seems like a cruel joke of fate … Thousands of Instagram users have been frozen to see the story shared by Diego Armando Maradona’s second daughter, Gianinna, just minutes before her father passed away this November 25.

In Gianinna’s Instagram account, you can see in her stories a very special image that, apparently, he came across her this morning.

It is a mural made in a pizzeria in Buenos Aires dedicated precisely to Maradona, wearing the mythical shirt of Argentina, the 1986 World Cup champion, only instead of wearing the World Cup, he brings a slice of pepperoni pizza.

(Photo: @ giamaradona / Instagram)

“Finding him x the city,” Gianina wrote.

Let us remember that both she and her sister Dalma had been very close to their father in recent weeks and she was the one who raised her voice against all the people who were close to the former footballer, because she believed that they were doing nothing to help him in the surveillance of his Health.

Likewise, he was seen in recent weeks at the hospital where his father was admitted, after undergoing surgery for a brain hematoma.

Too, Gianinna would have published a moving message on Instagram on October 30, the day of Maradona’s 60th birthday:


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