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“The gunman”: Megan Fox has tattooed the Spanish name of her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly | The State

Megan fox.

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This Sunday Megan fox captured all eyes as he passed through the red carpet of the American Music Awards thanks to the spectacular outfit she had chosen for the occasion. Her green dress with strapless neckline and one single sleeve revealed a new tattoo that has been made at the level of the clavicle and that did not go unnoticed by anyone.

Is about an inscription in cursive script that reads in Spanish: “el pistolero”. It is not difficult to imagine that she has engraved it on her skin in tribute to her new boyfriend: Machine Gun Kelly. The stage name of the young man refers to the fast style he used in the rap battles in which he participated in the beginning of his career, which he got them to start comparing him to a submachine gun and thus ended up earning his nickname.

Both the actress and MGK share their passion for tattoos, although she has erased one or the other over the years, such as the portrait of Marilyn Monroe that she wore on her forearm.


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