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Scotland was the first in the world to make free hygiene products for women

Any resident of the country now has the opportunity to get pads and tampons

On November 24, the Scottish Parliament voted to pass legislation allowing women to receive pads and tampons free of charge when needed, the BBC reported. Scotland became the first country in the world to make this decision.

The bill was sponsored by Labor MP Monica Lennon, who has advocated placing pads and tampons in public places since 2016. According to Lennon, passing the law will make life easier for the poorest segments of the population, especially those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a study by Plan International UK, one in ten girls aged 14-21 in the UK cannot afford menstrual hygiene products, another 15% have difficulty buying, and 19% choose them based on cost rather than convenience. … According to the BBC, Scottish women spend up to £8 per month for tampons and pads.

The law obliges local authorities to provide youth clubs, schools, colleges, universities, cultural and sports institutions, pharmacies and other public places with hygiene products for free access to all comers.

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