Praise concert for French in the Communes


The federal elected officials of all political stripes went there declarations of love for French all wanting to be more emotional than the others, Wednesday evening in the Commons, to prove that they are the most sincere in their desire to slow down the decline of the language of Molière in Quebec.

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“This is the language in which my father, my mother, I and my sisters were welcomed here. And in which we immediately felt accepted, ”said Quebec government lieutenant Trudeau and Argentine-born Pablo Rodriguez to start the ball rolling.

In the four-hour “take note debate” instigated by the Conservatives on the situation of French in Montreal, the Liberals reiterated that they will soon modernize the Official Languages ​​Act and praised their broadcasting reform as a way of promoting Francophone culture in the digital world.

However, they have not offered any details on when they will table their new version of the Official Languages ​​Act promised since 2015, nor have they sent a signal that they will acquiesce to Quebec’s wishes that federally chartered companies, such as banks. , be subject to Law 101 in Quebec.

The Conservatives, who are demanding the tabling of the official languages ​​bill by Christmas, have also pointed out their personal attachment to the French language. Their leader Erin O’Toole, born in Montreal, recalled that he learned French at 18 while in the Canadian Armed Forces.

“For a long time, the Liberals have refused to protect French in Quebec so as not to harm linguistic minorities in Canada. Commentators have suggested in bad faith that there is an equivalence between the English-speaking minority and French-speaking minorities elsewhere in the country. […] Of the two languages, only French is threatened “, he said.

He reiterated his promise to subject federally chartered businesses to Bill 101 in Quebec. The Bloc, who tabled a bill to this effect this week, however stressed that the Conservatives could have acted in this regard during the 10 years in power of the former Harper government.

“I have been the leader of the Conservative Party for three months,” O’Toole retorted. New Democrat Alexandre Boulerice, who recalled that his party also wants the Charter of the French language to be applied to businesses under federal jurisdiction, called on the Liberals to transfer more money to Quebec for the francization of newcomers and to force giants like Netflix to produce a minimum of original French-language content in Canada.

Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet, for his part, defended his party’s bill to require “sufficient knowledge” of French to obtain Canadian citizenship by newcomers who have taken up residence in Quebec.

“What is the first and main tool for harmonious economic, social and cultural integration in Quebec? It’s mastery of the language, ”he argued.

Wednesday night’s “take note debate” came in the wake of the controversy sparked by Liberal MP for Saint-Laurent Emmanuella Lambropoulos, who questioned the fact that French is retreating in Montreal and Quebec. She has since apologized and relinquished her seat on the parliamentary committee on official languages.


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