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Katie Price fan furious as she promotes another ‘rip off’ product on Instagram

A Katie Price fan is furious after she was “ripped off” when she bought a product the former glamour model advertised on Instagram.

The woman told Mirror Online she had followed Katie’s advice after seeing her promote an abs toner by company Bluffs on her Instagram stories earlier this month.

After seeing Katie talk about how great the product is and how often she uses it herself, the fan decided to make use of the 70% off deal Katie was promoting, which the star said lasted for just 24 hours.

But she says when the £39.99 product finally arrived a week later, it was nothing like what was advertised.

Katie promoted Bluffs on Instagram

The upset fan told us: “She always talks about how she wants to get back into shape.

“I’m going on holiday and I thought I needed something that was going to kick start my diet and exercise.

“I was on Instagram and she was saying she’d just come back off holiday with her latest boyfriend and she was saying, ‘Oh I use this to get into shape’.

“She said she used it and that if you bought it now there was a 24 hour promotion where you’ll get 70% off.

“She said she used it all the time so I thought ‘great’.

“I don’t usually fall for these things, if I’d seen it on the back page of a newspaper I wouldn’t have fallen for it but she said that she uses it.”

The fan swiped up on Katie’s story to buy the product and checked the Bluffs website, which explained how the product worked and she believed everything was fine.

She regularly advertises products on her account

When the product didn’t arrive within 48 hours as promised, she says she emailed the company who apologised for the delay and promised she’d receive it in another couple of days.

She claims it then arrived six days later and that when she tried it, it didn’t work.

She added: “As I opened it up, this thing was like something you’d get out of a Christmas cracker, it was that cheap and rubbish.

“If I said it was worth a fiver I’d be lying.

“It’s a lot of money and it’s only worth about a quid.

“I tried putting the batteries in there and it didn’t work.

“Because you pay for a ‘life-time warranty’ I thought I’d be able to get a full refund and that’s when the merry-go-round started.”

Katie with boyfriend Carl Woods

The woman said the company stated it was based in London, but that the address on the packaging was in Walsall, in the West Midlands, and that when she asked for a refund she was told to send it back to China.

She says she asked the company if they’d cover the postage costs and heard nothing back.

She said: “I think what surprised me is that she’s actively promoting it and saying she uses it.

Katie shares promo codes with her fans

“Fans will be there buying it and obviously she’s already been paid so she doesn’t care.”

Katie’s representative said: “Katie’s fans mean the absolute world to her and she would never knowingly mislead them nor endorse any product that was anything but legitimate.”

Mirror Online has also contacted Bluffs for comment.

She was accused of promoting a scam watch company in August

On Trustpilot, 90% of the reviews for Bluffs are bad, and many of them warn consumers not to buy products from the company.

This isn’t the first time that Katie has got into hot water over products she has promoted through her Instagram.

In August, Katie was accused of using her celebrity to promote a watch company.

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