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Jurgen Klopp gets Sir Alex Ferguson advice on how to deal with Liverpool defeat

Rio Ferdinand says Liverpool need to put the defeat by Atalanta behind them and bounce back – just like Manchester United used to do under Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Red Devils enjoyed huge success under Ferguson, and Ferdinand believes this was largely down to the squad possessing a positive attitude.

Ferguson never got too animated if Manchester United won or lost, according to Ferdinand, and instead kept his players focused on the task at hand.

“He was never too high when we won and never too low when we lost,” said Ferdinand, suggesting Jurgen Klopp should take the same approach following Liverpool’s defeat by Atalanta.

“That was one of the big things I learnt when I went to Manchester United.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool were beaten by Atalanta

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“I used to be down in the doldrums when we lost or I didn’t perform well, and I used to get that hangover for maybe three or four days.

“A big club like Liverpool, where they are now, they’re back out every two or three days so they can’t afford to have that.”

Ferguson was known for his hairdryer treatment, in which he would shout so loudly in the face of a player it would be like they were having a blow-dry.

Rio Ferdinand says Liverpool need to put the defeat by Atalanta behind them

But Ferdinand said this would only really come out if things were going a little too well, to ensure players stayed on their toes.

“The hairdryer, to be honest with you, normally came out when you were doing well. It was usually to keep you on that rich vein of form and to stop that complacency,” Ferdinand added.

“I think great managers and good leaders are scared of complacency, scared of resting on your laurels. You’ve got to make sure people are always on the edge, making sure they don’t fall by the wayside and get complacent.

Sir Alex Ferguson was known for dishing out the hairdryer treatment

“It is difficult. The run Liverpool are on at the moment, and being in a changing room that wins, it can be easier for some players to start taking their foot off the gas.

“You need the Milners, the Hendersons, Van Dijks etc to make sure they step on those people that do that.”

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