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Elyangélica González.

Elyangélica González / Courtesy

Elyangélica González, the journalist of Univision that we see daily in ‘Wake up America’, began the morning of Thanksgiving, giving an exclusive news of herself. From the hospital, the Venezuelan shared that she had to undergo gallbladder surgery.

Accompanied by a photo in the typical hospital gown and in what appears to be the hospital room, he wrote the following:

“#THANKFUL This year Thanksgivings 🦃 found me convalescing, but I can’t stop thanking God and life for allowing me to be with my family ❤️ and for all the blessings that in the midst of so many adversities in 2020, we still had. Don’t worry, it was gallbladder surgery and I feel very strong 💪🏻. Thanks also to each and every one of those who have been watching over me, those close to me and those who have written to me via DM. Thanks and blessings to each of you. I wish that today at your table, more than a spectacular dinner 👏🏻, there is love 💕, peace 🕊 and above all there is union and humanity, the world needs it. Thank you thank you thank you! #vamospormas #vamoscontodo #seguimosjuntos “.

Elyangélica had surprised a weeks ago when, in the middle of ‘No Roll’as they talked about the confession they made Gloria, Lili and Emily Estefan About the depression that each one went through, she could not contain the tears and explained that at this moment she was going through something similar.

Which was something she struggled with because while everyone was talking about her virtues around her, she couldn’t see them. Her colleagues consoled her and from that moment she received a flood of love from viewers through social networks.

Elyangélica, is now out of danger and accompanied by her family. After the fright, as she herself says, she feels even stronger.



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