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Diego Maradona’s family furious over ‘final’ picture of legend before death

Diego Maradona’s personal physician was forced to apologise prior to his death after his family were reportedly left furious with what proved to be the final publicly released photo of him alive.

Maradona passed away at his home near Buenos Aires on Wednesday aged 60 after suffering a cardiac arrest.

The Argentinian legend was recovering after undergoing emergency surgery to remove a subdural hematoma, an accumulation of blood between a membrane and his brain, earlier this month.

After responding well to the surgery, he was cleared to be discharged to his home by his doctor, Leopoldo Luque, who shared a picture of the pair.

Maradona was seen smiling alongside Luque in a picture which has been circulated as the final picture of Maradona alive.

Diego Maradona’s personal doctor apologised after some were unhappy with the photo he recently shared

According to Clarin, who broke the news of Maradona’s passing, his family were unhappy with Lupue with the release of the picture causing controversy.

Prior to his death, the doctor apologised for any upset caused – but insisted he had permission from Maradona to share the picture.

“I thought it was an image that would erase the other, that Diego had left the day of the match against Patronato . Because it really is fantastic now, ” said Luque at the time (via Clarin ).

Fans have been left mourning the death of one of the greatest players of all-time

” I thought that this photo was going to have a very good acceptance from everyone, but it was not so.

“So I offer my apologies to those who felt offended, criticised or believed that the photo was not appropriate.

“Secondly, the photo was agreed with Diego.

“I want to clarify that it was not my decision. It was not something that I decided on my own .

Diego Maradona dies age 60

“Obviously, I never measured the magnitude of the photo, the dimension it was going to have.

“I have many photos with Diego. He asks me for more than I ask of him .

“Of course he does it in an act of gratitude. When I have a medical or professional gesture, he always says’ come on, take a picture with him. thrush'”.

“From now on my respects and apologies to all the people who saw that act as inappropriate.”

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