Death of Marc-André Bédard: Lucien Bouchard has lost a great friend

Former Quebec premier Lucien Bouchard lost a friend after the death of politician Marc-André Bédard.

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“For everyone he was a very important political figure, at the heart of political debates, but for me he was a very close friend,” he explains in an interview with LCN.

It was when he started working as a lawyer in Chicoutimi that Mr. Bouchard met Mr. Bédard who, for his part, had already been practicing for a few years and who was even famous in the region.

“We saw each other all the time, we had coffees together, we lived together, our loves, our professional projects and of course politics,” says Mr. Bouchard.

The former prime minister describes his friend as warm, caring and sovereignist through and through.

“I am sure his last thoughts were for his children and for Quebec, I am convinced,” he says.

Although he was a great fighter for the cause he cherished, he didn’t attack his opponents. “Always with a sense of friendship, of respect. He understood the others, ”said Mr. Bouchard, a sob in his voice.

Marc-André Bédard

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Marc-André Bédard

Again during their last meeting, the two spoke about sovereignty and the importance of continuing the fight.

“He loved René Lévesque like a father and René Lévesque loved him like a son. René Lévesque had confidence in his judgment, in his political instinct. Mr. Lévesque always consulted Marc-André, ”he adds.

Even though the independent Quebec project did not materialize, Mr. Bédard continued to be driven by a desire.

“He never gave up, but not in an aggressive way. It was never bitter, it was a happy project, an exhilarating project. That it was the future of Quebecers. Marc-André, that was how he spoke to us, “said Mr. Bouchard.

The former prime minister only had good words for Mr. Bédard: “An honest man who loved Quebec and who loved his people”.

He says Mr. Bédard knew that not everyone was going at the same pace. “He thought you had to convince. He believed in advancing a cause by convincing people of its worth and that people had to accept it, “concluded the former prime minister.

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