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Carlos Bilardo was disconnected from the TV and lied so that he would not find out about Maradona’s death

For Carlos Bilardo, Maradona was the son he never had.


The former coach of the Argentine National Team Carlos Bilardo forged with Diego Armando Maradona, who died today, a successful duo that achieved the 86 World Cup, although it also had its shorts. After knowing the death of the idol, Jorge Bilardo said that his brother “was turned off all television and told that the cable had been cut”, so that the media does not find out about the news, because the exDT has complications in his health.

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He is in an apartment around the house, with a male nurse, but the male nurse already knew that when anything like this happens you have to cut off the television. They cut his television, (they told him) that the cable was bad, “added Jorge Bilardo, for Radio Provincia.

He also said that the former footballer “He is the male child that Carlos did not have” and added: “He was a son for Carlos. Look they had fights and everything. “ The brother of the technical director related that they knew each other from the neighborhood, near the Argentinos Juniors field, a team in which Maradona made his debut, at the dawn of what would be a successful football career, about which Jorge recalled shared anecdotes.

“I remember when we went in ’83 with Carlos, first to Barcelona. Carlos grabbed him and said, “Well, I’ll come tomorrow, I’ll explain.” And Carlos, as always, was leaving. And before that he says ‘I’m going to tell you something, look, you’re going to be the captain, eh’. And Diego was crying, “he said during the interview, among other memories.

“When she got married we made the furniture, there was always communication with Diego. He is very strong ”, Jorge was moved, who also emphasized the virtues of Maradona“ as a guy ”. Regarding this, he said: “While in Napoli, you don’t know the people who helped, the Argentines went who were left without a peso and he paid them the ticket. I used to say to him “Diego, why are they eating you?” He also donated to hospitals and never said anything“.

Along these lines, he recalled another circumstance: “We had a Carlos school in Laferrere and one day they called me and told me that there was a kid who had to operate in the United States. They tell me ‘Can Diego come to play to raise money?’ I said, ‘Diego, can you go?’ He says ‘yes, what time is it? Can I take someone?’ (Ricardo) Darín, (Guillermo) Cópola came, the whole band. And at eight he was there. That was full, I don’t know what they raised. And when it was over, I think there was $ 4,000 or $ 5,000 missing and it didn’t come. And he said ‘I put them on’. And he put them, a crazy thing ”.

Finally, he revealed that he had not seen Maradona “for a long time” and closed: “Diego made Argentina known. Wherever you went, anywhere, they said‘ Argentina ’and they said‘Maradona‘”.

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