Accused of sharing degrading photos of vulnerable seniors


A patient care worker who took photos at her workplace of elderly people in unenviable situations and shared them on social media faces heavy charges.

Tricia Gauthier Gosselin, 28, was notably accused of having recorded and broadcast intimate images without the consent of people. The young woman worked for a family resource that receives patients assigned by the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center (CIUSSS) of Estrie-CHUS.

The accused allegedly took photos and videos of disabled elders who were in vulnerable positions. She then allegedly shared these images with people she knew.

Gauthier Gosselin no longer works for the resource since, since her arrest, she can no longer be in a retirement home or in the presence of elderly people.

The charges allegedly occurred between August 1 and October 15.

The accused is due to return to court on February 11.


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