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President Donald trump he tries to remain stoic and even hopeful about the results against him in the November 3 election, but the courts are sending him disappointing messages.

Although he had to give in to the director of the General Administration of Services (GSA, for its initials in English), Emily murphy, sign the memorandum to formally begin the process of transition to the government of the president-elect Joe biden, the Republican president insists that the courts will decide in his favor.

“Remember, the GSA has been great and Emily Murphy has done a great job, but the GSA does not determine who will be the next president of the United States.”he wrote this Tuesday.

The president is right. The voters decided on November 3 who they wanted as president, according to the electoral certifications recently added Pennsylvania and Nevada in favor of Biden, but the Republican continues his battle in court.

However, in Michigan and Pennsylvania, the states that have fought the most, the plans of his legal team, led by Rudy giuliani, they have not achieved a single victory, although for each defeat a new opportunity seems to open up, but there is still an unattainable limit: the supreme court.

Giulini last week –who literally sweated ink– accused in a press conference that there was electoral fraud in Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania Y Georgia, but he did not present evidence or explain the scheme with which the Democrats would have achieved their goal of affecting the president’s reelection.

Within the team, the divisions pay for the little credibility. A few days after being part of the controversial press conference, the Republican campaign ignored the lawyer Sidney Powell. The president’s defender likes conspiracy theories and insisted on the intervention of Hugo Chavez and his allies, despite the fact that the Venezuelan leader died in 2013.

“Sidney Powell is practicing law on his own. She is not a member of Trump’s legal team. Nor is she the president’s attorney in a personal capacity, “the defense team in a statement.

At the same time, more Republicans are joining the criticism of the president and his lawyers for less serious accusations of electoral fraud, including an ally of the president, Chris Christie, a former governor of New Jersey, who called Giuliani and his associates a “national disgrace.”

The Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, He even considered on CNN that the stance of President Trump’s defense team is making the US look like a “banana republic”, when before it was a nation that monitored elections in other countries.

Options for the president?

Despite the defeats, President Trump’s legal team found new options, but not necessarily decisive.

State legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan will hold public hearings on the elections beginning this Wednesday and next week.

These are meetings where legislators offer positions on the electoral process and then give the contenders an opportunity to show evidence for or against the process.

In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, the Republican president’s campaign announced that “witness testimonies” will be presented on electoral fraud. The same ones that have worked little in the courts.

“It is in everyone’s interest to have a full investigation of electoral irregularities and fraud”Giuliani said. “And the only way to do it is with public hearings, with witnesses, videos, photographs and other evidence of the illegalities of the November 3 elections.”

The former New York mayor said those hearings are essential before electoral voters cast their votes.

“We are pleased that the Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan state legislatures are holding hearings to examine the November 3 presidential election,” he said.



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