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Miley Cyrus breaks the “curse of 27” celebrating two weeks of sobriety after a recent relapse | The State

Miley Cyrus.

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Singer Miley Cyrus, who just released a new album -very well received by critics, by the way- called ‘Plastic Hearts’, has used his last interview to reveal that He hasn’t tasted a drop of alcohol for two weeks after a period in which his flirtations with drinking have been, in his own opinion, somewhat excessive.

Although the artist maintains that does not have an alcoholism problem as such, Yes, you have admitted that you occasionally get too carried away by the fumes of alcohol and consequently he makes decisions that he often regrets. In that sense, the pop star believes that the best strategy In its relationship with certain substances, it resides in “moderation” and in cutting to the chase when the situation requires it.

“I think everyone does what they think is best for them. I don’t have a problem with alcohol, what I have is a problem with decisions I take once I have crossed the line of moderation. But I’m pretty disciplined, I really am It has been quite easy for me to initiate periods of sobriety and to come out of them when I wanted to. To be honest, I can’t say that during the confinement I was always sober, but I have been when I have decided to be “, The American interpreter has explained to Apple’s music portal, before referring to the supposed curse that, for artists, implies the age she was until yesterday Monday.

“The 27 have been an age in which I have had to protect myself especially. That’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed sober the longest, we have lost many icons at that age. You enter a new chapter or you fall for good. I feel like some artists couldn’t handle their own power or influence, their energy well. And I have a lot of the latter, “he said about legends that have already disappeared such as Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain or Amy Winehouse.


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