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Mexico, Argentina and Peru are the worst countries to live in during the coronavirus pandemic | The State

Mexico adds more than 100,000 deaths.

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Latin America is not the only region with severe impacts from the coronavirus pandemic, but three of its countries lead the list of the worst for a person to survive or face fewer health or economic effects.

Mexico leads the worst nations evaluated by Bloomberg News considering different criteria: infections, medical attention and economic plans, among others. Argentina ranked second, followed by Peru.

In total, 53 countries were evaluated. The best were New Zealand, Japan Y Taiwan Well, even China slipped into the top ten of the best countries at position eight.

The United States came in at 18th and Canada at 13. The main European nations did not fare well either, but they still stay away from the risks posed by COVID-19 in Latin America.

The report sought to respond with different factors where the pandemic has been managed in the most effective way and with the least business interruption and complications for society.

The analysis is not based only on deaths and infections, but on other factors, which is why Brazil, which is where there are more deaths (170,000) and infections (6.1 million) in the region, is ranked 37th.

In other words, even if there are suspensions, this has a positive and not adverse effect on the economy and health of the residents of each country.

Mexico has been criticized for beginning a monitoring known as “hawking” of the pandemic, that is, little evidence, but its weak health system and the president’s policies Andrés Manuel López Obrador they do not help the economy of their governed.

Argentina registers 37,432 deaths from COVID-19; Peru 35,685 and Mexico 101,926.


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