Domestic violence: Andy Murray wants ATP to do more


Tennis player Andy Murray has called for the ATP to take cases of domestic violence “extremely seriously”, such as the one affecting Alexander Zverev now.

In recent weeks, ex-girlfriend Olya Sharypova accused the German of perpetrating several abuses by her during their long relationship.

“I read stuff and obviously tennis doesn’t have a policy on domestic violence,” Murray told Daily The Guardian. This is something we should be looking at as a sport, so that ATP knows what to do in this situation, rather than having to think about it and react to it after the fact. They could be a little more proactive in a situation like this. They need to take it very seriously and see what happens in the months to come. ”

Two weeks ago, the body that manages professional men’s tennis released a statement following disclosures Sharypova made to Russian media.

ATP condemned “all forms of violence or abuse” and added that it “expected all Tour members to do the same and refrain from any violent, abusive or endangering others. ”

An answer that obviously wasn’t enough for Murray.


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