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When our beloved They reach a certain age and we cannot take care of their needs, many times we think that the best thing for that person is that they be in a residence for the elderly.

So, if you are looking for a place of residence for a person from the seniors, you must follow a series of requirements They will guide you and help you choose the right place.

1. Weigh the options

This is the first step that must be followed. Since it is not a decision that is made at the light, we must look for the best options that we have for your care and to decide the best one, we recommend you involve the whole family, including the seniors.

It is important to think about the physical and emotional well-being of the elderly. Source: Pixabay

2. Search for residence

We must find the right residence. For this we may have to to visit a few before decide.

Among other things, it is important that we observe the treatment of the staff towards the people who live there. If we feel that the environment is somewhat hostile or that the staff shows uncomfortable before the questions and this generates us Doubtsthen let’s continue searching.

3. Hours and operation of the center

It is important that the residence center has a flexible schedule for visits. In addition, we have to ensure that residents have means to communicate with the outside.

This implies that they have phones both in their rooms and outside. Most importantly, that we have a contact number in case of emergency.

4. What activities do they offer

For the elderly it is very important to stay busy. So you have to know what Recreational activities offers residence. Many of them offer arts and crafts courses, a reading club and a film club, among others.

5. Location

We must ensure that the Location the residence is not far from your old homeso that your friends and neighbors can visit it. Similarly, the place should not be far from our location, so we can quickly attend to any emergency.

6. Food

The feeding of older people is crucial. Our loved one may be on a diet special. We must know if they have a personalized food service or if the food comes from an external company.

7. Conditioning

We recommend that each decision to be taken is previously consulted with the people involved. Source: Pexels

It is important to see in what terms the residence is located. We must look at factors such as cleaning, humidity, if they have heating and hot shower.

We must see if the rooms are individual and if the bathrooms are equipped for people with disability. Let’s keep in mind that small details can affect your Health.

8. Contract

Prior to sign anything is important read the residence contract. It details important aspects such as the type of service supplied, the responsibility that the center assumes and if it has medical benefits.

As Psychology and Mind advises, it is better read it calmly and consult with the rest of the family to find out how convenient the place is for our older adult.

9. Services

We must ask and make sure that They have all the services. Many of these places offer medical services, physical therapy services and there are also trained caregivers to do their jobs. They even offer services Additional features like the hairdresser.

On the other hand, there are those that offer only basic aspects, such as care for the elderly, while the medical service is provided by some healthcare center near.

In this sense, we recommend that you take all these aspects into account when making such an important decision. Remember don’t rush and decide when you’re completely sure of all the aforementioned aspects.

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