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100,000 young people deprived of hockey, it’s time to act

Now that we know how to celebrate Christmas, it is time to think about silent clienteles affected by confinement: young athletes.

Yes, sports studies or school sports can still be practiced, but this only affects a tiny minority of children. For the vast majority of young Quebecers, this confinement has put an end to sports activities.

The physical and mental health benefits of participating in sport for young people are recognized. It also promotes academic perseverance. In these times of upheaval, this is important.

Let’s talk hockey

Hockey is our national sport. In Quebec, 100,000 players under the age of 20 let off steam in organized leagues. 100,000! Of which 60,000 are 12 years old and under. It’s not nothing.

100,000 children in Quebec deprived of hockey, and I am not even talking about indoor soccer, ringette, gymnastics … It is time to act.

Why settle the hockey case quickly? Because hockey has been off for almost eight months, unlike other sports. Also, currently, free ice hockey is allowed in arenas and there are no problems. Why can’t 12 kids from the same team skate together? It’s illogical.

If we can go to Costco, we can certainly put 12 kids on a big ice rink.

Allow civilian hockey for the 60,000 children under 12

Children 12 and under should be able to return to training at a minimum. They are almost all in elementary school, little at risk and can easily be supervised by coaches with strict health rules.

It’s time to trust Hockey Quebec and now announce the gradual return of children to the arena for January. Let’s give these thousands of children, including mine, for whom attachment to a team brings commitment, socialization and balance, a beautiful Christmas present.

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