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With minimal cacheteros, Carolina Sandoval jogs and trains in the middle of the street and is called “Ridiculous” | The State

The controversial Venezuelan journalist Carolina sandoval he did his thing very early in the morning. Without any shame, he put on tremendous cacheteros with a hoodie on top to start his new habit of doing military yes or yes. We already know that you have been taking some shakes to lose weight, but now you have taken your care one more level and think literally, sweat the fat drop

Accompanied by a personal trainer, the former driver of Tell me what you know He went to the street and right there, before the eyes of all who passed, he trained showing his curves and attributes. In the video you can see the journalist giving everything for everything even on the floor doing sit-ups.

Obviously, the critics did not wait: “You look like a guajalote”, “You no longer have limits … Ridiculous”, “That trot a lot, it needs it” Y “How good this will help you lose what you eat for your lunch.”. Despite the strong comments, his loyal fans let him know “That brightened his days” Y “That his good humor is contagious.”

There’s no doubt “The Poisonous” She plans to take advantage of this impulse of the pounds less to finish becoming a model and many of those who see her every day plan to accompany her on the way, since the laughs will surely be guaranteed.

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