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There are several Feeding Habits that affect the sex life. Even if it surprises you food and sex they have one long and complicated story, not in vain the consumption of aphrodisiac foods it has become so popular in recent years. However, the issue goes beyond that, there are certain everyday consumer products that are related to various effects counterproductive in the sexual sphere and that can affect psychosomatic and physiological level.

Well the popular saying goes “We are what we eat” and it is true each of the foods with which we base our diet, influences the functioning of all organs and systems of the human body. In such a way that some food are responsible for stopping and even curb sexual desire and drive.

It is very likely that on numerous occasions you have heard about libido and its importance in a healthy sex life, the reality is that it is simply a elegant terme to define the sex drive and it is a concept that is defined through the balance of a series of factors, such as the influences sociological, psychological and hormonal. It is important to know that in both men and women, the hormone testosterone boosts much of the libido and that is why low testosterone levels are synonymous with a lower sex drive. We invite you to know the 6 foods that most deteriorate sexual healthl, hormonal balance and libido.

1. Alcohol

At some point there was a belief about a presumed and positive correlation between alcohol consumption and sexual desire, however this is false. While alcohol consumption is popular as social lubricant And somehow it makes it easier to let go and live together it has nothing good to contribute as far as sexual health is concerned. A excessive alcohol intake can seriously damage the sexual drive and performance, which is related to harmful effects for reduce testosterone production and levels and therefore the sexual functioning.

Alcohol. / Photo: Unsplash

2. Refined flours

It is well known that foods rich in refined flours and most of which are distinguished by being processed products, are truly harmful to health and that is why excess flour can cause the development of various chronic and degenerative diseases. Such is the specific case of diabetes, a disease of metabolic origin that not only deteriorates general health and that according to studies is directly related to increased cases of erectile dysfunction. The truth is that processed foods distinguished by the use of White flourare considered foods with a high caloric density and a null contribution in nutrients. Numerous nutrients that are related to the consumption of whole grains, are stripped in the case of products made with all-purpose flour or white flour, of which many are vital for sexual health. One of the main ones is a very important mineral in sexual performance: zinc, considered one of the essential trace elements for the men’s reproductive health.

Donuts / Photo: Pexels

3. Beet

We do not want to cause a stir, it is well known that the consumption of fruits and vegetables is very important for general health, including sex life. However, there are some variants that are not the best alternative for boost performance, such is the case of beet which is considered a very healthy food. In fact it is related to benefits to improve muscle function, protect the immune, digestive and intestinal system. It has various references that guarantee that the consumption of beets can be associated with negative consequences for those men and women who suffer from existing hormonal imbalances. However, in cases where estrogen levels are stable, beets offer a natural ability for increase blood flow may be beneficial for men who have trouble achieve an erection.

Beet. / Credit: Pxhere

4. Canned soup

All food processed and ultra-processed will be considered an enemy of health at all levels, they are eaten with many calories and few nutrientss, at the same time they can contain high levels of conservatives that deteriorate health. It happens in particular with the consumption of canned soups, which provide quantities excessive sodium that are related to very negative effects on cardiovascular health and heart damage, which decreases blood flow. In fact it has A study in which it is verified that the diets based on high sodium intake, not only cause hypertension; result in considerable decreased blood flow (even in parts of the body that depend on increased blood flow during sex).

Canned soups / Photo: EFE

5. Cheese

There are many variants and production processes related to cheese, however unfortunately some methods they interfere with the body’s actual hormone production. In the case of variants of derived cheeses from cow’s milk, a possible content of synthetic hormones, is the main responsible for affecting both the hormonal balance like sexual desire. In such a way that certain cheeses may affect natural hormone production of the body, including estrogen and testosterone.

Cheese. / Photo: Pixabay

6. Coffee

Many people don’t wake up without a steaming cup of coffee in the morningHowever, in those cases of excessive consumption, some effects on sexual life have been found. Sure, supplying the caffeine what of naturally provides coffee relates to increased stamina and energy, however it is also one of the main causes of increased anxiety; which can reduce your sex drive. That is why the best recommendation is to opt for the consumption of another type of natural stimulants, as is the case of green tea, ginseng and maca, especially in the cases of people who have a particular sensitivity to caffeine and who are more likely to suffer anxiety and irritability.

Coffee. / Photo: Public Domain Pictures / Pixabay


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