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How to make a postpartum diet to lose weight without affecting breastfeeding | The State

Make a diet postpartum special It is a common route followed by women seeking to return to the physical figure they had before pregnancy. However, the postpartum diet must follow some guidelines so that it does not affect breastfeeding and thus the baby.

According to TodoPapás, exercise, moderate alcohol consumption, and limit high-fat foods are some of the options that mothers have at their disposal to develop the postpartum diet that best suits them.

Sample menu for a postpartum diet

One of the ways to return to the desired weight is through a healthy diet. Source: Shutterstock

A first question that may arise has to do with the foods we would consume if we were on a postpartum diet. If you also have this doubt, the following example of a postpartum diet menu may clarify the picture a bit.

  • Breakfast: natural fruit juice or a piece of fruit, glass of skimmed milk on its own or with coffee and skimmed yogurt, whole wheat toast with a little oil or a handful of unsweetened whole grains.
  • Midmorning: glass of skimmed milk, infusion or skimmed yogurt, a piece of fruit or a slice of whole wheat bread.
  • lunch: assorted grilled vegetables and baked hake, boiled artichokes and grilled beef fillet, garlic mushrooms cooked with a minimum of oil and grilled salmon.
  • Snack: tomato juice, one or two pieces of fruit, yogurt with whole grains, a slice of bread with light cheese or turkey ham.

Tips when carrying out the postpartum diet

Silent stationary bikes.
To regain your figure you can accompany your exercise diet. Source: Shutterstock

It is recommended to limit most of the foods rich in fat, especially those that have saturated fats, such as those derived from pork (red meat and sausages). You can also reduce the fats added to foods (fried foods, sauces, oils and butters).

Also avoid sugary foods and simple sugars. In this sense, you could reduce the consumption of candies, white table sugar, sweets, chocolate, cakes and industrial pastries.

Physical exercise is a measure that you must take into account, because physical activity helps to strengthen muscles and prevent sagging, two very common goals after pregnancy.

Another way you can help restore your skin tone is applying firming creams daily. They help your skin regain the strength and vitality that are lost during pregnancy.

Avoid or reduce the consumption of alcoholic and carbonated beverages, as well as nuts and excess salt in meals.

Following the instructions of an expert is a good way to ensure that the postpartum diet is as beneficial and useful as it is intended to be. In this sense, We suggest you contact the specialists in the field.

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