He survived dengue, malaria and coronavirus and has now been bitten by a poisonous snake | The State

A British NGO employee who survived the coronavirus, dengue fever and malaria recovers after being bitten by a life-threatening snake in the state of Rajasthan, in western India.

Ian Jones was bitten by a cobra in the rural district of Jodhpur and admitted to the local hospital, about 350 kilometers from the regional capital Jaipur.

Jones entered the establishment last week after a snake bite in a town in the region. At first, it was suspected that he also had covid-19 for the second time, but finally it tested negative, “Dr. Abhishek Tater told the AFP agency.

The patient was treated at Medipulse Hospital. “While in the hospital, he was conscious and had snake bite symptoms, including blurred vision and difficulty walking, but these are generally transient symptoms,” Tater added.

Jones was discharged early last week. “We believe that it will not suffer long-term consequences. If it still hasn’t improved, it will do so in the next few days, “added the doctor.

The specialist said that snake bites are frequent in rural areas of the region where Jones works with artisan

s traditional in Rajasthan. Together with the NGO Sabirian, it helps villagers to import their products to Great Britain.


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