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Carolina Sandoval invited a daddy to her house and the women “went crazy” with the gallant | The State

Carolina Sandoval.

Sergi Alexander. / Grosby Group

The ex-driver of Tell me what you know, Carolina sandoval, did “El Trasnocho con Caro” in his bathroom but this time he invited a man 100% muscle and fiber, who also danced “Like the gods” In the words of his own followers, who could not contain the emotion with this “Dad”.

The gallant in question is called Jorge Villaveces and is a fitness specialist and model. Like “The Poisonous” He is Venezuelan and a journalist. The driver stayed behind “Maintaining social distance” and to avoid “Fall into temptations “. But nevertheless, George he felt at home and even gave advice to other gentlemen on the treatment of women. He assured that at this point “There should be no one superior, nor inequality towards them”. He also stated that, as his body grows in muscles, he tries to “Your brain does too”. He prepares, reads, studies. Say what “A body, be it a man or a woman, without intelligence, is worthless.”

Obviously and as expected, the followers of “The Poisonous” they were unleashed in flattery and quite risque compliments towards the guest.


  • “Moriiiiiii, I must confess, I am an infidel, that riiiicoooooo…. Oh my God ”
  • “Bring me over to mop my house, I’m available”
  • “Why doesn’t someone like him mop me in my house?”
  • “I’m watching the video with the phone turned over that my husband doesn’t see”

There is no doubt that this was one of the “Live” most famous of Carolina. Even his strongest retractors wrote positive comments. All a success this “Trasnocho con Caro”, which adds more points to his career as an influencer

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