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Walmart seeks to develop a home test for COVID-19 that would cost less than $ 10 dollars | The State

NowDiagnostics Inc. is the company that has submitted the application for home tests to the FDA.

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The Walton family, who own about 50 percent of Walmart shares, are among a group of investors who are supporting the design of COVID-19 testing that could be done at home and sell for as little as $ 10.

Arkansas-based NowDiagnostics Inc. has introduced an emergency authorization request to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to authorize a blood test for COVID-19 antibodies, the newspaper reported The Wall Street Journal.

The pharmaceutical company is also developing two other tests for COVID-19. One of them for antigens that the patient’s saliva would use and to give you results in minutes and another antibody looking for an immune response that may signal a previous infection.

Until now none of the tests have been cleared by the FDA.

NowDiagnostics is one of many biotech companies developing easy-to-use home tests for the coronavirus. But nevertheless, the tests have faced obstacles in the collection of the samples and those that use saliva none have obtained an emergency approval.

The FDA this week approved the first COVID-19 home test that includes a nasal swab that people can use and receive results in minutes. The company that does the tests, Lucira Health Inc., said it plans to launch them nationally by spring next year and could cost about $ 50 dollars each.

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In recent years, Walmart has worked to expand its health care business, most notably by offering low-cost medical treatments up front and by building clinics inside Walmart stores.

Currently the world’s largest retailer offers testing for COVID-19 from pharmacy windows or in their parking lots in partnership with the government, laboratories and insurance companies that send samples to laboratories for processing.

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