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Experts foresee meat shortage for the rest of the year | The State

Some food industry experts predict that food hoarding from the coronavirus crisis, as well as the arrival of the holidays, could lead to another meat shortage in the remainder of the year.

Since the quarantine began in March, there have been a shortage of basic household products, such as flour or cleaning supplies.

Among these staples was meat. During the early stage of the pandemic, not only were people buying more, but processing plants faced significant production disruptions due to the quarantine, according to Yahoo!

For example, Tyson Foods, the world’s second largest processor of chicken, beef and pork, had a labor shortage due to coronavirus infections among its workersWhile the country’s largest pork producer, Smithfield, had to temporarily close some facilities for the same reason.

Now another shortage of this product could be expected as people are re-stocking up on staples, and a second factor is that there are fewer poultry workers today.

American producers have been working to provide better working conditions for their workers. Tyson has reportedly invested in protective gear for employees and has tried to allow more space for social distancing at its facilities.

However, sprouts in meatpacking plants are always a possibility, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you don’t see much of this product on supermarket shelves for the remainder of the year.

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