Adamari López reveals that a member of her family had to undergo surgery recently | The State


A few months ago Adamari Lopez Y Toni Costa They officially introduced the new member of their family, a dog named Ava, and although she is their daughter Alaïa who is in charge of their care, the couple has made a very important decision that will have a direct impact on the animal’s health.

The conductor of “A new day” He shared a video on his Facebook account in which he explains to the little girl that her pet will be sterilized, as they consider it a precautionary measure to prevent the dog from suffering serious illnesses throughout her life and that in the future she will give birth to puppies that the family cannot care for.

“The vet told us that it was advisable to operate on her before her first period came and she told us that this prevents things like cancer and other complications. She won’t be able to have babies, but we think it’s for the best. We don’t want Ava to get sick, we want her to last for many years, ”said Adamari.

Shortly after, Toni arrived and told her little girl what will happen after the surgery, she told her that she is going to use a small collar so that she does not suck her wounds and she told her that she will not be able to carry her in a few days as usual, because the the dog will have several points on her belly and this action could cause a lot of pain.



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