Cultural activities: what to see this weekend


Here are some suggestions for cultural activities to do this weekend.

Summer 85: A film that feels good

After Luca Guadagnino and his drama Call me by your name, it was the turn of the French filmmaker François Ozon to film the first romantic emotions between two teenagers during the 1980s. The result, which lies somewhere between suspense and the film for teenagers, totally charmed me. With Summer 85, his 19th feature film, Ozon signs a luminous, tender and nostalgic work that exudes the joy of living.

▶ Where: offered on the online platform Beaubien Cinemas, the Park and the Museum.

Price: $ 12

– Maxime Demers

A clip Essential signed Guylaine Tanguay

Impossible to remain insensitive to The essential, the most recent extract from Guylaine Tanguay. Taking the pen herself for this title inspired by the death of her mother-in-law, the singer signs here the most poignant piece of her vast repertoire which, we admit, still shakes us with each listening, and this, more than six months after hearing it for the first time. Featured this month to mark the arrival of her album Country on the shelves of record stores, The essential proves beyond any doubt that the title of new queen of country suits Guylaine Tanguay perfectly.

– Bruno Lapointe


In a time when the word reinvent is omnipresent, the play Fairfly, from the company La Manufacture, is timely.

On view until December 12, in webcast, this production which stars Mikhaïl Ahooja, Sonia Cordeau, Simon Lacroix and Raphaëlle Lalande, tells the story of four friends who, seeing their jobs threatened, decide to start their own business.

Fairfly offers with humor and realism, through moments of frenzy and pitfalls, the challenges of starting a business. And it’s very successful and entertaining.

▶ Where:

▶ Price: $ 20

– Yves Leclerc


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