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Company gives you $ 1,000 dollars to do your Christmas shopping in small businesses

The person who is chosen must spend the money in at least three small businesses.

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As you know, it has not been an easy year for businesses, especially for the little ones. Therefore, the portal decided to encourage small business purchases this holiday season. For this, the company will pay a person $ 1,000 to avoid going to large chains and spending them in local stores.

To be considered and earn the money, you must complete an application by November 30. The process is pretty simple: just enter your contact information and explain in 100 words or less why supporting small businesses is important to you.

The person who is chosen will visit at least three small businesses, in person or online, to do your Christmas shopping. For this, they will receive an amount of $ 1,000 dollars to make their purchases and they will be asked to report to everything related to their experience, as reported in Thrillist.

The goals of this initiative are to inspire more people to choose to buy from local businesses and get first-hand information on the differences between corporate companies and smaller stores, ”said Micah Pratt, manager of

Applications will be reviewed by employees and the person with the most compelling presentation will be selected for the cash award.

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