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Chloe Ferry slams body-shamers who say she ‘isn’t healthy’ after losing 2 stone

Chloe Ferry has hit back at trolls who criticised her body after she lost two stone.

The Geordie Shore star, 25, had posted two pictures of herself in her underwear to Instagram to celebrate losing weight, but she was hit by comments telling her to stop shedding the pounds.

But Chloe hit back, telling them to “leave her alone” and complaining that she can’t win as she is criticised about her body whether she loses or puts on weight.

She had donned a black crop top and a skimpy matching thong as she snapped the images with her phone in the mirror.

Chloe Ferry has hit back at trolls who criticised her body after she lost two stone

Two stone down baby,” she captioned the photo alongside a muscular arm emoji.

While most of her fans said she looked amazing, some followers said she had lost too much weight.

One commented: “You’re beautiful but ribs are starting to show… please don’t lose anymore weight you’re gorgeous the way you are x.”

Trolls said she had lost too much weight

“Don’t lose too much weight you don’t need to!!” another posted.

A third said: “Chloe I love you so much but this isn’t healthy anymore!”

But Chloe didn’t stand for the negativity of her feed.

Chloe has transformed her body

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She said she can’t win with trolls

She wrote: “Stop putting me down!”

“One minute I’m too fat next I’m too skinny.

“Leave me alone!”

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