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Discover the five best varieties of teas to lose weight and burn abdominal fat.

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Nature is wise, that is why all drink and food derived from a natural source will be the best ally for promote good health, prevent diseases and reach an optimal weight. Based on it the tea is considered the healthiest drink on the planet, is not only a comforting ally of the cold days or to improve digestion; is a powerful slimming ally.

The tea is a millennial treasure which has been used since ancient times as an important healing supplement in various currents of traditional and herbal medicine. It is originally from china, although today it is consumed throughout the world with special importance in places like India and England, is a custom that has evolved over the years. That is why there are currently numerous varieties of tea, the good news is that your immense benefits are present in all kinds of teas, from green, black, white, even blue. Of course, in a particular way each one contributes medicinal benefits very particular.

It has diverse studies that check the extraordinary properties of tea. Among its most outstanding advantages is its antioxidant power which is of great help to combat the effect of free radicals, strengthen the immune system, prevent diseases and infections, fights inflammation and is even a great ally for delay the process of aging. It is also a good complement to protect cardiovascular health, improve the digestive process and intestinal health.

Without a doubt in the last years in a very concrete way various specialists in medicine and nutrition, have recommended the daily consumption of certain varieties of teas, which are associated with great benefits for stimulate weight loss. Is about varieties of tea which are considered as a powerful metabolism activator, highly hydrating, anti-inflammatory and distinguished by its great diuretic potential that facilitates the elimination of toxins, liquids and wastes retained in the body. Know the five more slimming teas and that they will not be able to miss in any regimen focused on weight loss.

The 5 best teas to activate the metabolism:

1. Green tea

The Green Tea is the star variant when it comes to losing weight, in principle it draws special attention to its high in antioxidants what benefit metabolism and that are related to an increase in body temperature, which facilitates burning calories and adipose tissue. In fact it has A study that supports the benefits of consuming green tea to lose weight, in which participants created the daily habit of consuming between 4-5 cups of green tea a day. The results were surprising since those who drank tea lost an average of 1 kg more and evidenced less belly fat than those who did not drink tea. Additionally, the benefits of catechins, a polyphenolic antioxidant that contains high levels of green tea and that promotes the fat release of the fat cells.

2. Oolong tea

The oolong tea is one of the traditional tea varieties most popular in China and is characterized by the midpoint of oxidation between green tea and black tea, which gives it a peculiar bluish tone and that is why it is popularly known as “Blue tea”. Among the most outstanding nutritional advantages of oolong tea is your antioxidant power and high content of catechins, who come together to boost weight loss as they improve the body’s ability to metabolize fat. It is also famous for its qualities for regulate high cholesterol levels and a great ally for improve digestion and fight some of the main stomach ailments. It has a chinese study, in which their slimming virtues, since the participants who consumed a daily cup they lost half a kg per week. Nothing bad!

3. I killed

The yerba mate tea it’s not just one of the drinks most emblematic and traditional of many countries in America, it is a nutritional treasure which is associated with great health benefits. Among his most great qualities lies his power to stimulate metabolism, which is associated with their powerful thermogenic effects. This term refers to its ability to activate the mechanism of burning body calories and is also related to slimming benefits by improve insulin sensitivity. At the same time yerba mate andbe energizing and highly diuretic, your unique content in a substance called matein acarries benefits to promote a increased fat burning. At the same time there is a study released by Nutrition & Metabolism, in which they verified that the intake of 1000 mg of yerba mate in conjunction with physical training, are two very powerful concepts to speed up metabolism.

4. Goji berry tea

In recent years goji berries have become one of the most popular superfoods recommended by experts, its medicinal virtues are related to the extraordinary properties of the plant that produces these berries: lycium barbarum and that is considered one of the best medicinal therapies to naturally treat conditions such as diabetes and other chronic diseases. In a special way it draws attention to its slimming benefits, that according A study are associated with its ability to increase by up to 10% total calorie burn and the best of all is that when mixed with Green Tea, its weight loss properties are enhanced.

5. Cola nut tea

This tea variant is probably the least popular of all on the list, however it is worth talking about their weight loss benefits. It is distinguished by being a variant that slowly releases caffeine and what a gentle stimulating effect. A study published in the journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proved its benefits, since its habitual consumption is associated with an increase of between 3-4% in metabolic rate after drinking the modest amount of 100 mg.


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