Quebec: the weekend begins with a spring Friday

Most regions of Quebec will be spoiled with a warm spring heat this Friday before giving way to bad weather this weekend.

In Montreal, the sky will be cloudy on Friday with spring temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius, while in the evening and at night it will be partly cloudy.

Saturday will be mostly sunny, but the mercury will experience a free fall to minus 3 with a wind chill that hits minus 8 in the afternoon.

On Sunday, there will be intermittent snow which will turn to rain overnight and a maximum of 1 degree C.

In Quebec, it will be 9 degrees but with a 40% chance of showers in the morning. Clouds will persist in the evening and overnight when it will be minus 2 degrees. On Saturday there will be a mix of sun and cloud with dropping temperatures with minus 5 in the afternoon. Sunday, several sectors will receive a few centimeters of snow during the evening and at night.

In Estrie and Beauce, Friday will be generally cloudy with a mercury displaying 9 degrees on the meter. Temperatures will drop to minus 6 for parts of these regions on Saturday.

In Rimouski, the snow this morning will give way to a few showers during the day when the temperature will be 7 degrees. Sunday, the sun of the day will give way to clouds carrying intermittent snow.

In Abitibi, the sky will be cloudy with intermittent rain on Friday morning with seasonal temperatures. In contrast, it will be cooler on Saturday as the mercury drops to minus 5 and the skies are mostly cloudy. Sun and clouds will be there for Sunday.

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