Lead in water: 300 fountains to be replaced in schools in the Gaspé

Nearly 300 water points in Gaspé schools have a lead level that exceeds Health Canada standards and will need to be replaced.

At the René-Lévesque School Service Center, one of the two school service centers in the Gaspé, 207 equipment out of 470, or more than 40%, must be replaced in elementary schools. As for the high schools in the territory, that is, the Baie-des-Chaleurs sector, the tests are still underway.

In the other school service center in the region, the Chic-Chocs center, 91 of the 445 fountains in all schools, primary and secondary, exceed the established limit of 5 micrograms per liter. In this case, we are talking about more than 20% of the fountains to be replaced.

At the René-Lévesque School Services Center, the Director General, Louis Bujold, believes that simple work will correct the situation. “This should be done fairly quickly as these are just equipment changes and not changes to our water supply system,” said Bujold.

The cost estimate for the replacement remains to be determined.

As for the Chic-Chocs School Services Center, which manages the school network in the Gaspé and Haute-Gaspé regions, the tests were carried out realistically, it was announced on Thursday. “We tested the fountains towards the end of containment. The water had been stagnant for several weeks. This way, we had the worst conditions, which gives us confidence on our results, ”explained the director of material resources, David Smith.

The costs to bring the fountains up to standard are estimated at around $ 500,000.

Both service centers will be able to use the funds dedicated to upgrading buildings to make the fixes.

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