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IRS Offers Support to Tax Debtors Unable to Pay Due to COVID-19 Crisis

The IRS aims to help people during these difficult times

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As many people continue to have financial difficulties due to the crisis caused by the pandemic, the IRS will support tax debtors in a variety of ways. The plan is to provide payment plans to taxpayers.

This IRS initiative aims to help people through these difficult times, especially those who have a history of filing their taxes and paying them on time.

Some of the supports that they will be implementing are the following. To request them, you must contact the IRS to see if you are eligible for any of them:

–Taxpayers who qualify for a short-term payment plan now they can have up to 180 days to resolve their tax obligations instead of 120 days.

–The IRS will automatically add certain new tax balances to a payment plan, for individuals and business taxpayers who are unemployed.

–Some taxpayers who owe less than $ 250,000 can establish installment payments.

–Some individual taxpayers who only have debt for tax year 2019 that is less than $ 250,000 may qualify to establish installment payments without having a federal tax lien notice.

– Qualified taxpayers with installment payments with current direct deposit they could use the online payment system to propose a lower monthly payment and change their terms.

Also, taxpayers can contact the IRS to request a temporary delay in the collections process. If the IRS determines that the taxpayer is unable to pay, the IRS may delay collection until the taxpayer’s financial condition improves.

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