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Baby dies after mother burned her with boiling water | The State

A 26-year-old young mother, originally from Mansfield, UK, has been brought before the court of her city after being found guilty of having caused the death of her baby of only 19 months.

It all happened on March 6, when Katie Crowder called emergency services for help after her daughter Gracie had an “accident.”

According to the information released by Daily Mail, Upon arriving at the scene of the emergency, paramedics discovered that the baby had severe burns on 65% of her body.

In her first statement to the authorities, Katie indicated that she did not know what had happened, because she had only left her baby alone for a few minutes to clean up some disasters made by her dog and when she entered the house, she discovered little Grace mouth down in the bathroom, next to a bucket with boiling water with water.

After several investigations, the prosecutor Sally Howe came to the conclusion that Crowder had deliberately murdered her daughter, due to the woman’s responses in her statements and because she allowed more than an hour to pass before calling the emergency services.

In addition, the mother underwent a toxicological test, which showed that had a lot of cocaine in the blood 4 hours after the incident, so she was completely drugged when Gracie died.

Also, the prosecutor Howe indicated that Katie had made some comments against her own daughter such as that she needed to take her to daycare, and she also constantly complained that she did not let her rest.


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