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A young mother has been brought before a court in Malaga, Spain, after being accused of being responsible for the death of her 1-year-old baby, after she had been left alone at home for a whole month.

The mother, who is originally from Morocco, would have arrived in that country in 2017 after becoming pregnant and thus not letting her father know the news. In Malaga, she was living with her sister and her brother-in-law, who used to be away from home a lot because they constantly traveled to their country of origin.

When giving birth, her sister and brother-in-law supported her to continue with her studies, so the baby was sent to the nursery and also requested support from a friend to help her take care of the girl.

Finally, financed by her own family, she moved into a home of her own and She started working as a waitress in a nightclub, making it easy for her to leave her baby, then 15 months old, alone, with several bottles and cookies, in case she got hungry.

Investigations found that the girl did not return home when finishing her work (around 6 in the morning), Well, she was going to another friend’s house to “rest and not wake the baby”, and she used to return to the house in the afternoon, so the little girl spent many hours alone, without anyone paying attention.

Weeks later, according to research, The mother stopped going home, as she slept and did activities at another friend’s house, so she only returned to the home where her baby was occasionally to provide her with more food.

Finally, In October 2018, the mother left the apartment permanently and also her baby, who was locked in one of the rooms in complete darkness, only with a bottle and a few cookies.

A month later, her sister traveled from Morocco to Malaga, worried about not knowing anything about them, and the young woman told her that her daughter was in the care of another woman but that she had not seen her for 4 days. After much pressure, he finally confessed what he had done to her.

Quickly, the family notified the local police, who entered the apartment and discovered the dead baby.

The mother wanted to run away; however, she was found by the authorities, who carried out her arrest.



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