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Is Camila Fernández pregnant? The daughter of ‘El Potrillo’ breaks the silence

Alejandro Fernández in concert with his daughter Camila.

Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

After 3 months of being married, the couple, Camila Fernandez Y Francisco Barba Have had to face the rumors surrounding them.

After they got married they had a beautiful honeymoon sharing their love for each other and showing the whole world how much they love each other. The followers of this couple are witnesses of this romance but, although every day the fans show their support, it is also true that they have created a rumor.

They hold firm to the possibility that this recent marriage is expecting a baby. They also ensure that The probable pregnancy of the singer is perhaps the reason why they decided to do the wedding so hastily.

In the midst of all these rumors and sayings, the artist came out to clarify the situation and speak from the truth, ensuring that the only reason they got married was because they wanted to and they wanted to join. In addition, she confessed that the stage she is in has been very enjoyable and that she will be a mother when she is ready to take that step.

“The issue of being a mother: I don’t know, look when God wants, right now I’m not in a hurry or anything, I’m very happy, just married, I’m happy with my family, the truth is that I am very happy and I do not know, when God wants, the truth, I will let you know “, shared the daughter of Alejandro Fernandez in a virtual interview.

Camila also expressed her position on all the rumors that have arisen since her wedding and confesses that all those gossip she takes with ease. “It makes me laugh, I say, they invent whatever they want”, he stated with a very calm posture and between laughter

The interpreter took advantage of the talk to share how these last months have been with her married life, “Incredible: I married my best friend and a child who is a treasure, I love that I am sharing my life with someone so special… But I am very happy, it is amazing, married life is the best ”, she said happily.



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