It just goes to show that Ciné-Cadeau not only tries to titillate the nostalgic fiber of the children of the 1980s.

Good for spirit

While we await the directives of the Legault government with regard to the holiday season in pandemic, Ciné-Cadeau could help many Quebecers through this period which promises to be much less festive than usual.

On the mental health side, watching old movies that you know by heart has several benefits, says Christine Grou, president of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec.

“Movies we watched when we were younger, when we were all glued to each other, dressed slack in our living room. It evokes very happy memories, moments of well-being. “

“It evokes a time when our children lived with us, or when we lived with our parents … We find refuge in happy memories. There is something reassuring, ”notes Ms. Grou.

Unsurprisingly, the programming for Ciné-Cadeau 2020 is almost a copy-paste of that of 2019. After all, why change a winning formula?

Télé-Québec has nevertheless brought something new: amateurs will be able to choose the film which will be presented on the evening of December 25. They will be able to vote for Nelly and Simon: Mission Yeti, The Dalton on the run, Snow for Christmas, Gnoméo and Juliet or Asterix among the Vikings. From December 1st on the site.

Ratings success

Ciné-Cadeau remains a safe bet for Télé-Québec in terms of ratings. Every winter, his films allow the public broadcaster to fill up with viewers.

The proof ? The twelve labors of Asterix continuously rises to the top 10 annual most viewed titles of the post, sometimes surpassing its flagship shows, such as The Mc $ ween clue, People at mass, On call 24/7 and Can you hear me ?

Gift Cine is back on Télé-Québec on December 12


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