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Carolina Sandoval and her husband melt Instagram with affection | The State

Carolina Sandoval and Nick Hernández.

Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

The Venezuelan Carolina sandoval posted a video on his account Instagram in which the special guest was her husband, Nick Hernandez. He has been a rock by her side, not only during the years of relationship but also in the recent hard time that the former driver of Telemundo upon learning that her mother has Parkinson’s and later her dismissal from the program Tell me what you know.

At the beginning, the two share knowing glances from very close and a lot of caresses, which made the comments section of the journalist’s account melt with love for the couple. Precisely, this “Live” talked about tolerance towards others and how we should treat people if we expect to receive respect as well.

“They are a beautiful couple”, “I love the trust they have and how they relate to each other”, “I love your love, it is an example for many” and “I hope they become old people together, I love the energy of both”, they were part of the flowers that were thrown at “The Poisonous”.

Unusually, this time no hateful messages were read towards the businesswoman, which is not the case when she goes out in a bathing suit, eating, dancing in a thong or doing any other activity. You can see that love prevails within this couple and that the fans of the Venezuelan are delighted with her role as a wife.

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