Maripily raised the dental floss with her heel and left her rear in view of all | The State

The firness model Maripily rivera set the Instagram And it made many let their minds blow when they saw the photo that he posted on his account and that caused a stir. With a red lace underwear and very high heels of the same color, the Puerto Rican raised her dental floss and revealed her firm rear.

You can see the photo below.

You saw practically everything but, as Maripily She is one of the most beloved Latinas on social networks, what she received was a shower of praise, messages full of love and fascination with the sensuality of the model and businesswoman.

Maripily rivera knows very well the weapons of seduction and uses them when and how he wants. Each post manages to paralyze social networks. He also has a giant charisma and he does not stop leaving messages full of very good energy to his loyal followers.

Without a doubt, the Puerto Rican is a combo of good things and an integral woman.

You can see another photo below.


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