2,600 Untold Votes Found in Georgia County Won by Trump | The State


Georgian authorities reported this Monday of the finding of about 2,600 votes that were not counted during the vote count for the November 3 elections, a figure that does not alter the provisional result.

Georgia began a manual recount of the ballot on Friday last week after the ballot concluded with President-elect Joe Biden ahead of the still president, Donald Trump, for just over 14,000 votes.

Votes found during manual recount belong to Floyd County, where Trump prevailed with more than 70%.

As the chairman of the Republican Party in that county told the local newspaper The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Luke Martin, The votes found will allow Trump to reduce the margin of more than 14,000 that Biden gives him by about 800 votes.

“It is very worrying, but it does not seem to be a general problem. I am glad that the audit has revealed it and it is important that all the votes are counted, “said the Republican leader.

The electoral authorities in Georgia attributed the incident to human error during the scrutiny and detailed that the votes were not counted because county workers forgot to upload a file from a memory card into the system.

They also assured that no similar errors were found in other counties during the manual count that began on Friday and is due to end this Wednesday, before the state certifies its results.

It was precisely the manual count in Georgia that Trump referred to on Monday, calling it “false.”

“The false count that is happening in Georgia does not mean anything, because they do not allow the signatures to be examined and verified,” said the outgoing president, who has not yet acknowledged his electoral defeat.

Trump’s campaign may demand another recount if the results certified by the state on Friday give Biden less than 0.5% advantage, a more than probable scenario given that the current difference is three tenths.

Trump maintains that there were irregularities in several of the states that caused electoral fraud against him, but so far he has not provided evidence and the lawsuits he has filed in court have not borne any fruit.



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