The photos and the video in bikini of Sol Pérez, the Argentine Yanet García, that heat up the networks | The State


The Argentine Yanet García, Sol Pérez, He re-ignited the networks with some publications to beat the summer. The driver lives up to her name and takes advantage of sunny afternoons whenever she can. In a first post, he shared a video of his plunge into the pool in his building and drew praise from his followers.

To the rhythm of “Escape with me”, Wisin y Ozuna’s hit, posed wearing a bikini and prepared to take the leap. Then he came out of the water and showed his toned figure.

The clip has added more than 200 thousand views and all kinds of compliments.

It should be noted that Sol takes advantage of all his free time to put on your bathing suit and go up on the deck to keep your tan. It is not surprising that in previous posts he has revealed his favorite site.

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