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Carolina Sandoval raises her top in the middle of the emotion and almost shows her breasts | The State

Carolina Sandoval.

Rodrigo Varela / Getty Images

From his bathroom, where he usually does his “Trasnocho con Caro”, Carolina sandoval showed much more than his abdomen. Wearing a black top with white stripes to match the pants, “The Poisonous” He started dancing and jumping with the energy that we are used to seeing him.

Shamelessly, the ex-driver of Tell me what you know He raised his top to show his newest acquisition: three butterflies tattooed on his torso. At the same time, she also inadvertently showed the lower part of her breasts, which are part of her dangerous curves. As is customary, at Venezuelan Both positive and negative reviews rained down on him.

He also said that this tattoo was also made by his daughter Barbara Camila and that the butterflies represent various dreams they have had. He turned the content of his “Live” to speak to people who believe they can make decisions in the lives of others. Without mincing words, he admitted that he had been criticized for his tattoos and made it clear that “She can do what she wants, when she wants and without asking anyone’s permission.”


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