$ 100 million investment: increase in the salary of home helpers

Quebec is providing an additional $ 100 million for home support, of which $ 25 million will increase the remuneration of family caregivers and home helpers.

This means that the wages of these attendants, who are employed by social economy enterprises, will increase by $ 1.75 per hour, from $ 14.25 to $ 16 per hour.

To this is added the 8% COVID premium, which remains in effect.

In the announcement Sunday, the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, acknowledged that this new increase was made necessary by the increase recently granted to patient attendants in the public network.

“The minute you increase the wages for patient attendants, others want their share and that’s okay,” he said when answering a question in English.

The Cooperation Network of Social Economy Enterprises in Home Help (ÉESAD) said this was a step in the right direction to recruit new people into the profession.

Citing a 2018 study, the cooperation network recalled that these companies must hire 2,500 new people per year to meet the needs at home.

“While the downsizing of home support services at EÉSADs and the lack of recognition of the 8,700 home help workers marked the first wave of the pandemic, we are pleased to note that the Government of Quebec is finally recognizing the importance of their work ”, reacted by press release J. Benoit Caron, Director General of the EÉSAD Cooperation Network.

Improve services

In addition, another part of the investments announced by Quebec on Sunday, or $ 65 million, will be used to improve the services offered by the CLSCs. According to the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, this investment will allow the network to offer more hours of home support to those who already receive it and to reach 1,100 additional people.

“Already before the pandemic, the demand for home supports had increased and like other areas, the demand was increased by the pandemic. And we know that Quebecers want to grow old at home, surrounded by their loved ones and their communities ”, defended Minister Dubé at a press briefing, accompanied by the Minister responsible for Seniors and Caregivers, Marguerite Blais.

The two ministers argued that by the end of its mandate, in 2022, the Legault government will have spent $ 1.4 billion on home support and caregivers.

According to Minister Blais, 370,000 people used home support in the past year, 10,000 more than last year.

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