Chiquis Rivera moves her hips, shows her thong, and they say that she is already “just like Carolina Sandoval” | The State


Chiquis Rivera is untied, moving her hips and showing her thong, the famous singer has driven social networks crazy.

It should be remembered that Jenni Rivera’s daughter has been making headlines for weeks when she separated and filed for divorce from Lorenzo Mendez.

As if that weren’t enough, Chiquis hit a hit with the cover of Maná’s 90s hit “Me Vale”.

“Like this, sucker”, the model reacted Tracy saenz to one of the videos where Chiquis moves her hips in a tight bodysuit. “Beautiful”, “Never too early”, expressed other fans in the video where the singer shows the thong.

The most curious comment of the explosive videos was made by a user in the account of “Suelta la Sopa”: “Just like Carolina sandoval“. And it is that the “Venomous” has also conquered social networks with explosive videos in bikini, thong and sometimes half naked.

What do you think, are they the same?

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