No more gasoline vehicles from 2035


As part of its plan for a green economy, the Legault government will announce Monday that the sale of new gasoline vehicles will be banned from 2035.

The Roulez vert program will be maintained. The Government of Quebec is offering discounts of up to $ 8,000 on the purchase or rental of electric cars to individuals, businesses, organizations and municipalities in the province.

In 2020, Quebec has set itself an ambitious objective of reducing its GHG emissions by 37.5% below their 1990 level. To achieve this, it has implemented a series of measures, including the carbon market. , which is the spearhead of government action in the fight against climate change.

In addition, Quebec will increase its objective for electric vehicles to 1.5 million, or 30% of the vehicle fleet, in addition to continuing to develop the network of charging stations.

Transportation represents 43% of GHG emissions in Quebec.

The government is targeting a reduction of five million tonnes of CO2 in transportation, which represents nearly half of the GHGs in Quebec.

The five-year plan will have $ 6.2 billion over five years to enable, among other things, the electrification of transport and the switch from fossil fuel to renewable energies for industries. The latter represent 31% of greenhouse gas emissions.

– According to information from Alain Laforest


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