Molly-Mae Hague ‘defies COVID rules’ as she hugs competition winner mask-free


Molly-Mae Hague has appeared to ‘defy coronavirus rules’ in her latest YouTube video.

In scenes for her channel, the former Love Island star left her Mancunian home to head down South to award a competition winner with a surprise visit and a haul of designer goodies to the value of £8,000.

In the video, Molly is seen knocking on winner Joyce’s front door and embraces her in a warm hug.

The star – who was mask-free – took Joyce by surprise and the excited fan can be heard in the clip saying: “I was not expecting to meet you in person!”

Social media influencer Molly then went inside to meet Joyce’s beau Samson and she also took a look at the winner’s baby girl – who was asleep.

Molly-Mae Hague has appeared to ‘defy coronavirus rules’ in her latest YouTube video

A source reportedly told Mail Online that the footage – shared online in November – was captured before the nationwide lockdown.

However, before the lockdown was put in place face-coverings were essential in all public areas and social distancing had to be followed when meeting people outside of their bubbles.

It was advised to keep 2 metres between people – therefore hugging was discouraged – to stop the spread of the deadly bug.

Mirror Online have contacted a rep for Molly-Mae for comment.

In the video, Molly is seen knocking on winner Joyce’s front door and embraces her in a warm hug

In September the reality TV star was bombarded with abusive messages and endless claims that her 8k Louis Vuitton giveaway was fixed after she announced the winner.

She became the subject of much online debate after she offered her 4.8 million Instagram followers the opportunity to nab six different styles of Louis Vuitton bags, as well as an array of expense and sought-after Apple products.

After weeks of anticipation, eager fans were left baffled and disheartened when the reality TV siren took to her Instagram Stories to reveal that she and her management had agreed to choose the winner from just 25 names which entered.

Although her giveaway post boasted over three million comments and 1.1 million likes, only 25 names were added to a spreadsheet alongside a number between one and 25 before being selected at random.

Molly met the competition winner after she entered her 8k giveaway

Molly-Mae described the selection process as ‘the fairest way’ to choose a winner, but unfortunately, her furious following had other thoughts on the matter.

Unimpressed fans flocked to Twitter and Instagram to accuse the YouTube star of ‘fixing’ her epic competition with many threatening to unfollow Molly-Mae after her ‘ridiculous’ actions.

One furious fan fumed: “I can’t believe she’s done this. Literally over 3 million people entered and she chooses 25 names? Like, just no!”.

“Molly-Mae, could you have made it anymore obvious that you fixed the entire competition? Unfollowing,” another fumed.

“Fair? How is that the fairest way to pick a winner from millions of people? Maybe try scrolling through the comments?” a third angry admirer suggested.

The Love Island star came under fire for the way she selected the winner

While a fourth added: “If there was ever an excuse to unfollow this girl, it’s this!”.

Responding to the overwhelming amount of criticism, Molly-Mae later took to Instagram to defend her actions.

The blonde bombshell penned: “For people saying that 25 names in a generator isn’t fair. We literally spent all week brainstorming the best way to pick.

“There was no software or app that would allow me to put in two million (I repeat two million) Instagram comments without logging in with my Insta password, which I would never do.

“Let’s just all be happy for the winner please. It’s only a light-hearted giveaway.

“The 25 names had all entered more than once… including the winner.

“Let’s be happy for her! She deserves it!”.


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