Biden, a wind of hope for the planet


It’s hard to imagine more opposing views than those of Donald Trump and Joe Biden when it comes to the environment.

One is a climate skeptic and a strong advocate of the worst polluters. The other won the election by presenting the most ambitious climate action plan in American history.

2000 billion for a green recovery

Biden not only pledged the United States to re-enter the Paris Agreement, he pledged $ 2 trillion over four years for a green stimulus.

According to the analysis of several experts, if Biden succeeds in implementing his environmental action plan, the United States will move from being an environmental dunce to that of a leader for the planet.

Our neighbor to the south is aiming for 100% carbon-free electricity production by 2035. This is ambitious, knowing that 62% of its production currently depends on fossil fuels.

The United States will therefore no longer need oil from Alberta. Or a new pipeline to deliver it. The end of Keystone XL has been announced.

Green jobs

The next president understood the message of trade unionists: “there is no job on a dead planet”. There are no jobs on a dead planet. Neither profit for the companies.

The investments Biden promised will help reduce the country’s ecological footprint while creating millions of jobs. Energy efficiency and green energies are at the heart of its program, as well as improving the living conditions of the less fortunate. Underprivileged neighborhoods will be at the heart of a vast program of green renovation and construction. The standards are going to have to change.

The creation of 250,000 jobs in environmental rehabilitation is also planned. In particular to plug some of the three million abandoned oil and gas wells and to clean up mining sites. Biden also wants to protect 30% of natural land and water environments by 2030. Etc.

This is what inspires our own governments, which do not promise us as many. It remains to be seen if Biden will have free rein … Hopefully for the future of our children.


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