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Why does Trump have Mike Pence on edge?

Mike Pence would be asking legislators for greater support for companies.

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President Donald Trump’s refusal to acknowledge the results of the general election has Vice President Mike Pence in suspense.

The republican remains waiting for a decision from Trump to make political and personal decisions.

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According to the New York Times, Pence has made jokes suggesting a presidential aspiration. The vice president enjoys prestige in the social-conservative sector of the republican party and between evangelical groups. The problem is that with Trump’s indecisions, he has limited to start exploring a campaign or looking for financing to study the possibility.

People close to Pence believe the vice president will return to Indiana to become a lecturer and author. The Republican has not led a normal civilian life for a long time since he was a congressman and governor of Indiana before joining Trump. The vice president would have to buy a house if his plan is to return to that state. You are not a homeowner at this time.

Pence has not echoed Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud. He has dedicated himself to his work at the head of the working group against coronavirus and support electoral efforts for the Republicans to win the two Senate elections to be held in Georgia.



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