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Police shoot Hispanic who warned he would open fire at Florida gas station | The State

The suspect was taken to a hospital for treatment.

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MIAMI, Florida – A 46-year-old Hispanic man recovers in a hospital in Florida of the shots fired by the police on Friday after they warned that he was going to shoot people at a gas station, according to the authorities.

The Sheriff’s Office Highlands County (Central Florida) indicated in a statement that it did not find a weapon at the place where its agents shot and detained Julio Garcia, an incident subject to investigation as required by the rules.

The agents, according to the bailiff of the County Highlands, Paul Bleckman, They went looking for Garcia last night after the Hispanic man called 911 to say that he had injured his girlfriend and was heading with a firearm to a gas station near his home in Sebring, Florida to shoot to the people.

Police found Garcia walking down an avenue toward the gas station parking lot.

According to witnesses, Garcia was in an “aggressive” mood and had something in his hand that looked like a pistol with which he pointed at the police.

The agents gave him “verbal orders” and ended up shooting him in the upper part of his body, after which they gave him first aid before being transferred to a hospital, where he is stable.

Sheriff Blackman said in the statement that apparently what was believed to be a weapon was Garcia’s cell phone.

The two agents who intervened are off duty while the pertinent investigations are carried out.

GarcĂ­a, according to the statement, has a criminal record and has tried to commit suicide several times using the police, the last of them in October.


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