Influencer auctions her “new virginity” on Instagram | The State

A young influencer of Brazilian origin named Ana Otani, has caused a stir on Instagram, after it announced on said social network that She will auction off what she calls her “new virginity” after undergoing hymen reconstruction surgery.

Through a statement, Otani herself said that she will be the one who sets the rules of the draw, specifying that she is willing to have sex with a stranger, as long as he accepts her conditions.

“The only difference between having sex at a party to this is that I’m going to be sober and also earn money,” said the girl.

It should be noted that Otani is also a porn actress and model; Regarding her idea, she has received a lot of criticism, since some people accuse her of promoting prostitution, to which she has defended herself arguing that she did not invent it and that she will not be the last woman in the world to do it; He also noted that everything he does is of his own free will.


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